‘Ipok’: Cousin of ‘karipap’

Karipap or epok-epok as they call it in Singapore. Karipap in the picture was made by my mother.

‘Karipap’ (curry puff) is a pastry with filling that is deep-fried. Some are baked. Easily available anywhere from stalls on street to fine dining restaurant, karipap is an irresistible delicacy. It’s crunchy and crusty with many layers and spicy, you can eat 4 of them before noticing you actually ate 4 of them.Used to be 20 sen a piece (for as long as I can remember back in time, no, I’m not that old), karipap has been around for quite some time as our breakfast and company for our afternoon tea. The most popular filling for karipap is potato or sweet potato curry and canned sardine in tomato sauce. Nowadays karipap can be found with many types of filling; chicken and potato curry, tuna, tuna with mayonnaise and some sweet filling like  mango paste and even durian paste!

Ipok, basically a baked karipap with grated coconut with bits of groundnut filling.

Left: Karipap before it is deep-fried. Right: Ipok

They share the same shape, as you can see; and karipap’s and ipok’s crust share the same ingredient too (flour etc, the ones made with butter taste better than the ones made with margarine). The difference is the filling, ipok is filled with toasted grated coconut and sugar and bits of groundnuts. Instead of deep fried like its cousin, it is baked. The size varies, some are small (you can fit 5 into your mouth no problem:)), and some are as big as karipap. Ipok in the photo is medium size, 3 of them equals the size of an adult palm. A favorite among elders in my kampung.

Stay curios 🙂


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